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Cokney, 30 years old, comes from an alternative and artistic background where tattoo is predominant both as an Art form and lifestyle.

At the age of 14, he discovers graffiti, as many Parisian youngsters could do at this time. But a few years later, his early social and political engagement lead him to evolve towards a more mature graffiti practice, being fully aware of the actual meaning that its illegal character involves.

At the same time, Cokney begins his formal training in metal craftsmanship, and fine arts at the parisian art school E.N.S.A.A.M.A ( National Superior School of Applieds Arts and Arts Crafts ).
After graduating, he works under the direction of a few artists and simultaneously pursues a training in engraving at the Bucciali workshop, learning techniques such as etching, Aquatint and dry point on copper plates.
Yet Cokney remains obsessed by Drawing, finding in it a powerful way to express his ideas and enjoying the fact that drawing remains at the core of all the artistic practices he indulges in.

Soon encouraged by the influence of his peers, cultural environment, and a strong desire for (more) freedom, Cokney then somehow naturally evolves towards the art of tattooing.
Self taught, he first travels around the world, tattooing and painting, pushing his art and skills forward as he goes. NYC, Amsterdam, Marseille, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Paris  are some of the places where he has lived and worked in the last few years.
It has now been 9 years since Cokney practices tattooing for a living, and 4 years since he dropped his bags down to work at Hand in Glove, a well known Tattoo shop of the French capital.
Settling in Paris allows Cokney to find the right balance between graffiti and tattooing, both allowing him to travel, earn a living and paint.

Early 2012 Cokney is arrested by the vandal squad. His arrest becomes a milestone in his career as an artist, allowing him to create works of art without having to dissociate his different artistic practices or remain undercover. Follows a strong will to  communicate his diverging view on social and political matters through his Art, paired with the need to pursue freedom through new means and places.

This leads him to take part of a group exhibition at the prestigious Palais de Tokyo in December 2012, along with graffiti artists such as Lek, Dem 189, Horfe or Azyle.
In July 2013, Cokney exhibits a tattoo oriented art installation aside internationally acclaimed tattoo artists such as Thomas Hooper, Liam Sparkes and Guy Le Tatooer.

In 2014 he participated in one group installation at the contemporary drawing salon,Drawing Now, with Jacques Villegle, Lek, Sowat, Sebastion Preschoux and Wxyz.

Then, in June 2014 was the opening of Cokney’s installation  » Guerre du Nord  » in Palais de Tokyo, Part of the Lasco project III.


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